Nomination Process

Nomination Packet


AEHOF’s purpose is twofold: (1) the selection and recognition of qualified nominees who, through extraordinary achievement and service of either a sustained or a one-time nature, have made outstanding contributions to aviation education generally, in a specific field of endeavor, or in a niche; and (2) the public honoring of those individuals for their contributions to the development, advancement, and promotion of aviation education.

Selection Committee

Selection Committee members are instructed that each nomination stands on its own and is to be evaluated individually, and that the achievements of one nominee are not to be compared to the achievements of other nominees. Since the selection process is ongoing, no importance is implicated by the order of enshrinement. The Selection Committee consults the following criteria to evaluate each nominee:

  • Reputation – The degree to which the nominee has brought credit upon him/herself and his/her profession, while demonstrating ethical conduct, responsibility, and leadership.
  • Professional Achievements – The degree to which the nominee has demonstrated him/herself to be an outstanding educator, benefited the aviation community and/or flying public, and provided noteworthy contributions thereto.
  • Service to the Community – The degree to which the nominee has provided pro bono service to the aviation and non-aviation communities.
  • Uniqueness – The degree to which the nominee is a distinguished and unique role model.
  • Other Recognition – Although not a prerequisite for induction, the degree to which the nominee has previously been honored for accomplishment in aviation.

Nominations not only will be evaluated by members of the Selection Committee, but may also be assessed by FAA and other appropriate officials for potentially disqualifying conduct.

Selection Process & Timeline

Any person or group may nominate an individual for induction into AEHOF. To be considered in a given calendar year, nomination packets must be submitted no later than October 1st. Nomination packets undergo initial screening for required components, credentials are verified, and references are contacted. A minimum of three Selection Committee members are assigned to review eligible nomination packets, and unanimous consent is required for induction. Inductees are announced sometime after January 1st. Eligible nominees who are not selected will be reconsidered the following year, and will remain under consideration for a period of five years. If an eligible nominee has not been selected after five years, the nomination is withdrawn; however, a new nomination packet can be submitted at any time thereafter to restart the selection process.


Eligible nominees include ground, flight, and simulator instructors, pilot examiners, teachers and academicians, authors, researchers and innovators, maintenance and avionics instructors, and other aviation-education-related professionals who warrant consideration either through a body of work that demonstrates sustained superior performance, or through truly extraordinary accomplishment. Furthermore, nominees:

  • Should have made a demonstrable contribution to aviation education
  • Should have attained a high level of excellence and proficiency in the activity for which they are nominated
  • Should have played a leadership role in advancing aviation education
  • Must be of excellent moral character
  • Must be respected within their field for integrity, professionalism, and diligence
  • May be nominated as a civilian or military aviation educator
  • If deceased, must not have been deceased for more than 24 calendar months preceding the date of nomination

Additionally, FAA and other appropriate officials may be asked to review nominations to ensure no concerns are raised or potentially disqualifying events had taken place prior to nomination. Incidents that may cause disqualification include:

  • Felony or unacceptable misdemeanor conviction
  • Suspension or revocation of any airman certificate or teaching credential
  • Assessment of a civil penalty for a career-related violation
  • Aviation-related accident history, particularly accident history demonstrating incompetence or a disregard for safety or regulations.

Guidance on Preparing Nomination Packets

Induction in AEHOF is a prestigious accomplishment, and many distinguished educators may be in the nomination queue. To present the strongest case possible for your nominee, please provide a nomination packet that is thorough, properly documented, and well organized. Once a nomination packet has been submitted, you can update it at any time as additional relevant information becomes available. Consider the following when developing the nomination packet:

  • When, where, and how did the nominee make his/her contributions?
  • What are the lasting benefits of the nominee’s contributions, and how are they being used today?
  • What distinguishes the nominee from others in the same field in terms of challenges, special talents, reliability and responsibility, respect of peers, and consistency of performance?
  • What other awards and honors has the nominee received during his/her career?

Nomination Packet

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